An expedition report from Steve Hyde, Master Cobbler at Dave Page, Cobbler. Namche Bazzar - 30 October 1998 We've    had    fantastic    weather    for    the    entire    month    of    October.    The    SW    ridge    of Amadablam   was   a   spectacular   climb.   After   gearing   up   in   Kathmandu   we   traveled   by bus   to   Jiri.   In   Jiri   we   hired   19   porters   to   carry   our   equipment   and   provisions   to   the   base of   the   mountain.   The   trek   to   base   camp   was   approximately   150   miles   and   took   11 days.   We   spent   every   night   in   Sherpa   tea   houses. A   bed   cost   about   50   cents   per   night. We   made   many   new   friends   and   even   acquired   a   taste   for   rice   beer.   At   base   camp (15,000   feet)   we   had   a   Puja   (pre-climb   prayers)   with   Lam   from   Pangpocha.   After   a couple   of   nights   at   B.C.   we   began   carrying   loads   to   the   higher   camps.   Once   we   were established   at   camp   one   (20,000   feet)   we   returned   to   Base   Camp   for   a   rest   day.   We had   clear   weather   and   we   were   ready   for   a   three-day   push   for   the   summit.   The   next day   we   climbed   to   Camp   One   and   spent   the   night.   The   technical   climbing   begins above   Camp   One.   We   spent   most   of   the   day   rock   climbing   on   great   sun   warmed granite   to   Camp   Two   (20,750   feet).   The   next   day   involved   climbing   the   crux   grey   tower through   ice   and   rock   and   a   tangle   of   fixed   ropes   left   by   previous   expeditions.   Once through   the   grey   tower   we   climbed   the   spectacular   Mushroom   Ridge   that   leads   to Camp   Three   (21,300   feet).   After   a   fitful   of   night's   sleep   we   awoke   to   clear   skies   and bitter   wind.   It   was   damn   cold   but   warm   by   Arctic   standards.   We   spent   most   of   the morning   ascending   the   Firn   Ridge   that   lead   directly   to   the   summit   of   Amadablam. When   we   reached   the   summit   we   were   rewarded   with   views   of   Makalus'   west   ridge, Baruntse,   Lhotsa   and   Everest.   We   could   see   Kangchenjunga   and   also   the   vastness   of China.   After   my   friends   started   the   descent   I   spent   about   ten   minutes   alone   on   the summit.   If   all   goes   well   we   should   be   back   in   Kathmandu   in   a   few   days.   Lara   and   I   are flying   to Thailand   to   go   rock   climbing   and   to   fatten   up   on   seafood   and   Phad Thai.   I'll   be back to work in mid-November. Hope all is well at home. Sincerely, Steve Photos by Steve Hyde
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